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Stockholm club guide

Looking to go clubbing in Stockholm this weekend? Here are five weekend club and concert tips from Kalendarium (Click links for more information)

Catty DJs

Patti, our very favourite Patti, and her friend Kattis (that rhymes!) dj at the recently reopened Reisen Hotel. The city’s best drinks, a great location, and the coolest cats behind the turntables.

Messy mix

Chapel Hill Crew are old Kalendarium favourites. From now on they’re going to be at Spyan every Friday. The second coming, the second wave or just a fun party? We know you will be there!


Ida, oh Ida. One of the country’s best DJs is coming to Esque. Top sounds, top music and oodles of dance. Deep house, tech house, funky techno, minimal and electro. Don’t miss it!

Feminist Party

Imagine if every day was like March 8th! Life would be a party. Celebrate International Women’s Day at Södra Teatern all day Saturday. Right after Gudryn Schyman’s vagina monologue, Klubb Slick opens its doors where you can experience a feminist utopia all night long.

Swinging old ladies

There was cool music about even during our grandmothers’ time. Cowabunga Club takes the opportunity to honour all the ladies, old dears, aunts and grandmothers in the world with music from the 40s onwards blasting out of the loudspeakers at Street.