Women prefer Reinfeldt over Sahlin

Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt is more popular among voters than opposition leader Mona Sahlin, a new poll by Demoskop shows.

Women prefer Reinfeldt over Sahlin

Reinfeldt received a rating of 3.01 (of 5) from voters. Social Democrat leader Sahlin received only an average 2.91.

This is the first time since October 2007 – when support took a dive as a result of the Ulrika Schenström drinking scandal – that Reinfeldt has received a rating greater than three.

In time for International Women’s Day on March 8th women voters gave their backing to Reinfeldt with a rating of 2.94 while Sahlin received only 2.91. Male voters are more supportive of the prime minister, giving him a 3.08 rating, while Sahlin drops to 2.76.

1,003 people were interviewed by Demoskop in February-March. Voters were asked to grade the party leaders on a five-grade scale.