Breastfeeding women ‘may drink wine’

Breastfeeding women 'may drink wine'
Women who breastfeed will not do their children any harm by drinking a glass or two of wine once or twice a week, according to new recommendations from Sweden's National Food Administration (Livsmedelsverket).

The Administration had previously called on breastfeeding mothers to steer clear of alcohol as it “transfers to the breast milk and may affect your child”.

But after ten years of urging abstinence, the administration has now reviewed its nutritional directives and had a change of mind, according to SVT news programme Aktuellt.

“There has been much greater interest in dietary advice in general during pregnancy and breastfeeding. And we have been told that much of the advice is considered tricky to follow. There was a need to modernize it,” head dietician Annica Sohlström told TT.

While pregnant women are still being advised to abstain, women who breastfeed may now indulge in the odd glass of wine.

“I tried to observe the medical effects on children,” said Olle Hernell, a professor in pediatrics at Umeå University.

“If consumption is moderate – one or two glasses every now and again – there is no evidence to suggest that the child is at risk,” he told Aktuellt.

The administration hopes to be able to present its recommendations this summer following official consultation in the spring.