University slammed for suspending porn pic student

Staff at Gothenburg University have been heavily criticized by education officials for their decision to suspend a female psychology student who posed for pictures in a pornographic magazine.

The woman, known as Lisa, reported the university to the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education (Högskoleverket) last spring after she had been called to a meeting by faculty leaders and told that would not be put on a work placement with the rest of her class.

“They said I was not suited to my choice of future profession and that I was an embarrassment to the university,” she told newspaper Punkt SE.

When her classmates began their work experience last autumn, she had little option but to wait for a decision from the agency.

Now the agency has ruled in her favour, reminding the university that it is against all regulations to reprimand students for their leisure time activities.

Lisa is now ready to return to the course, where she will begin work experience six months after the rest of the class.

Although she had worked as a model before, Lisa first posed naked for a pornographic magazine in late 2006.

Her name and age were changed for the pictures, which were not explicit.

When the magazine was published last March, however, a copy was placed in the post box of one of the course directors and Lisa was promptly called to a meeting.

Lisa said the director threw the magazine down in front of her and began shouting at her.

A second head lecturer then called for Lisa to give a public explanation in front of her classmates and to see a counsellor.

Lisa said she was surprised that the lecturers had found the pictures as the magazine was a specialist publication that could not be purchased in shops.