Swedish soldier tied to neo-Nazi groups

Swedish soldier tied to neo-Nazi groups
Photo: Johan Lundahl/Combat Camera/Försvarets Bildbyrå
A soldier in the Nordic Battle Group is a well known Nazi sympathizer from western Sweden.

The man has been photographed adorned in Nazi regalia, and was listed on a website for people expressing hostility to foreigners, reports the Borås Tidning (BT) newpaper.

On the site he described himself as a rebel who wears military-style clothes and listens to resistance-rock. His interests included “race biology”.

“There is no doubt about the sort of circles in which this person runs,” Mikael Ekman from the anti-racism organization Expo told BT.

When confronted with the information, the man first denied any association with neo-Nazi groups.

“What makes you think I’m a Nazi,” he asked.

Soon thereafter, the pictures and descriptions of the man disappeared from the anti-foreigner website.

Later the man admitted to having ties with the pro-Nazi groups in the past.

“This stuff with NSF (National Socialist Front) was from several years ago. I had some friends who belonged but I’m not involved with any of that shit any more. I had ties to them in another life,” the man told BT.

After learning of the man’s ties to the Nazi movement, Sweden’s Armed Forces planned to investigate the matter further.

“We can’t accept such things,” said Armed Forces spokesperson Eva Nilsson to BT.

Nilsson explained that the man would now go through additional security interviews in order to give his version of events. Swedish security service Säpo and military intelligence will likely also be called in to review the man’s records.