Greenpeace fingers swipe supermarket fish

Greenpeace fingers swipe supermarket fish
Members of Greenpeace have spent much of Thursday clearing supermarket shelves across Sweden of species of fish threatened with extinction.

After a “successful” start at Hemköping in central Stockholm, where members locked display cabinets containing certain types of fish, the organization said it planned to replicate the protest at stores around the country.

“With our action we want to show that these species of fish should not be in stores as long as the fish are under threat,” said Greenpeace spokesman Staffan Danielsson in a statement.

The environmental organization said it had recently released a publication ranking the major Swedish supermarket chains on the basis of their policy with regard to endangered species of fish or fish “caught using destructive methods.

None of the chains could boast a sustainable policy, according to the measures set out by Greenpeace.

The organization sad it had compiled a “red list” documenting species of fish best avoided by food stores. These included cod, plaice, tuna and swordfish.

“We want grocery chains to take responsibility and stop selling species of fish on our red list,” said Danielsson.