Police raid on gang clubhouse reveals toy gun

A swarm of at least eight police cars descended on a Bandidos clubhouse near Borås in western Sweden on suspicions that members of the gang had run afoul of Swedish weapons laws.

Police raid on gang clubhouse reveals toy gun
Photo: Pierre Amerlynck

Unmarked police cars blocked off an area extending from the facility’s exit all the way to a major road, and at least seven other cars raced toward the cabin which has served as a gang clubhouse for about a year.

Dogs searched the house and ultimately police emerged with what they thought was a rifle.

Upon closer inspection, however, it turned out that police had uncovered a toy gun in a closet.

Two people were taken in for questioning, but released shortly thereafter when police realized they had not found an actual weapon.

“No other weapon was found,” said district prosecutor Ove Svensson, to the Borås Tidning newspaper.