Teacher knocked out cold by 14-year-old pupil

A gym teacher in Härnösand was knocked out cold by a 14-year-old pupil on Friday. The teacher was rushed to hospital with head injuries.

Several pupils witnessed the assault outside the principal’s office at 11am on Friday, according to local newspaper

The teacher took at least two blows to the head from the 14-year-old boy when their dispute turned violent.

“Something happened that angered the pupil and he hit the teacher,” said assistant principal Johan Frykland.

The teacher fell to the ground and hit his head on the stone floor, when he lost consciousness. The teacher was rushed to hospital in an ambulance with mild head injuries.

Police were called to the school, as were the 14-year-old’s parents and social services. Police held interviews with the boy and several witnesses.

The police have made a report of the incident but as the boy is under the age of criminal responsibility, 15 in Sweden, the matter will probably remain with the social services.