Man killed in balcony fall

A man has died after falling from a balcony in Tranås on Saturday morning. Police suspect murder.

The man fell from a French balcony in the centre of the southern Swedish town on Saturday morning. A call to emergency services soon after 5am reported that a man had committed suicide by jumping from the third floor balcony.

“We suspect that a crime has been committed and we have two people in for questioning at the moment,” said Mikael Leidefors at Jönköping police.

“When we arrived at the scene the circumstances indicated that the man had not jumped by himself,” Leidefors explained.

Police report that a party was ongoing in the apartment and that the two men were immediately taken in for questioning. Several more people will be interviewed.

“I have no exact age but they are very young guys who are now suspected of murder or manslaughter. There are irregularities in their statements so questioning is continuing,” said Bengt Netterström at Jönköping police.

The deceased man has not yet been identified.