Swede stabbed to death in Thailand

A 27-year-old Swedish woman has been found dead on a beach in Thailand. Hanna Charlotta Bäcklund was found stabbed to death on Mai Khao beach on the tourist island of Phuket, said Thai police to AFP.

“It has been confirmed that the woman is Swedish and that she is dead,” said Tobias Nilsson at the Swedish foreign ministry.

“The woman was found on Saturday morning local time and police are investigating the circumstances,” Nilsson said.

According to a report in Dagens Nyheter, Bäcklund had been camping on the beach with a travelling companion.

She took a stroll along the beach on Saturday morning while her friend remained in their tent. After an hour and a half her friend grew concerned and went out to look for her. Bäcklund’s friend then found her 27-year-old companion dead further along the beach.

She is in a state of shock and is being cared for by Thai medical staff and the Swedish consulate on Phuket.

Mai Khao beach is Phuket’s longest beach, stretching over 12 kilometres. The beach is protected due to the sea turtles that come ashore to lay there eggs and so is one of the island’s calmest. The pair were staying at Phuket Campground, right on the beach.