Bromma airport’s future safe for three more decades

Bromma airport's future safe for three more decades
Stockholm’s Municipal Council decided on Monday night to renew the lease on Bromma airport for another 30 years.

The current agreement runs out in 2011.

The decision ratifies an agreement set to last to 2038 that was first signed last September between the city of Stockholm and the Swedish Airports and Air Navigation Service (LFV).

But Stockholm politicians aren’t united on the issue. The Social Democrats want to wind down the airport’s activities and use the area for new housing, while the centre-right majority is now realizing their vision for continued air traffic at Bromma.

“It’s important for continued growth. We want to be a city in the world and want to be even bigger,” said Stockholm’s mayor, Kristina Axén Olin of the Moderate Party, to news agency TT.

She added that critics who are worried about noise and emissions from the airport should take into account the fact that having a long-term agreement for the airport affects the conditions for financing new aircraft, environmental safeguards, and better noise protections.

“Those who live in the area are going to be better off. LFV, Bromma, and the city of Stockholm can now implement measures which will make for a better environment,” she said.

Stockholm estimates it will receive about 4 million kronor ($664,000) per year from the agreement, corresponding to a fee of five kronor from LFV for every passenger that departs from Bromma.

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