Father sentenced for drunken driving lesson

A 46-year-old Swede has been sentenced to a month in prison for drunk driving even though he wasn’t behind the wheel when police stopped the vehicle.

The man’s daughter was driving as he sat in the passenger seat observing her as she practiced her driving, writes the Vestmanlands Läns Tidning newspaper.

The man told the court that he had been drinking on Friday evening, and that he drank a few more glasses of wine when he woke up on Saturday morning.

The man’s daughter then asked him if he would take her out to practice her driving, a request that the 46-year-old father felt he couldn’t refuse as he had denied the girl’s requests several times already.

Things starting off well enough as the man’s daughter drove a few kilometres to the Erikslund district of Västerås in central Sweden.

As her father looked on from the passenger seat, the girl suddenly had trouble starting the car just as a police car happened to be driving in the neighborhood.

The officer became suspicious and approached the vehicle, eventually administering a breathalyzer test to both the man and his daughter.

While the daughter passed the past, her father registered a blood alcohol level nearly nine times over the legal limit.

While the court admitted its decision was complicated by the fact that the man wasn’t behind the wheel, it ultimately found the man guilty of shirking his responsibilities as an observer to a driver-in-training and sentenced him to prison.