Principal punched by drunken teacher

A school in the central Swedish town of Västerås was the scene of an unusual school hall scuffle on Wednesday morning.

Rather than a gang of menacing teenagers exchanging blows, this fight featured a drunken teacher who landed a punch to the face of the school’s principal.

The 56-year-old teacher showed up at the school intoxicated and angry at having recently been suspended for inappropriate behavior toward other teachers, according to news agency TT.

When the teacher insisted he be allowed to see his students, the principal and another staff member tried to stop the man, who then went after the principal.

“He reportedly hit the principal in the face, but the principal doesn’t have any serious injuries,” said police spokesperson Per Strömbeck to the newspaper Aftonbladet.

Several students witnessed the rampage, and counselors will be available throughout the day for any students having difficulty dealing with the situation.

The teacher fled the scene before police arrived. He is wanted on suspicion of assault and battery, as well as abuse.