Teacher to student: ‘we don’t want to see your ass’

12-year-old Alexander Quint’s low-hanging pants have caused school administrators in the southwestern Swedish town of Laholm to ban him from eating in the school’s cafeteria for two days.

“We require people to be fully clothed in the cafeteria. You can’t sit there in your underwear,” said Vallberga school principal Birgitta Hellstam to the Hallandsposten newspaper.

Quint told the newspaper that he’d heard from officials at the school that “we don’t want to see your ass.”

“I think its ridiculous. Why should they be watching me? They can just as easily be watching someone else,” he said.

The boy’s father agrees.

“People should be able to dress how they wish. As long as he’s clean I don’t understand what the problem is,” said Magnus Quint.

Hellstam explained that the school decided to take action against the droopy denims in order to maintain a comfortable atmosphere, as well as for hygienic reasons.

She also emphasized that the suspension doesn’t mean Quint would go without food, but simply will be required to eat by himself during the two day canteen cut-off.

In consultations with Quint’s mother, school officials agreed that he could simply eat one of his meals at home.

A local politician involved in education issues plans to look into the matter further.

“I think this has gotten a little out of proportion. Together with the city’s head of education I’ve requested that the matter be investigated thoroughly so we can get all the facts,” said Kent-Arne Andersson, head of the municipality’s children and education board, to news agency TT.

Specifically, Andersson wants more detailed information about Quint’s clothing.

“Personally, I think it makes a big difference whether half his backside is exposed or not,” he said.