Gothenburg mulls public perfume ban

The 49 municipalities in the Gothenburg region are considering introducing a complete perfume ban in the region's hospitals.

The ban will cover both the region’s 50,000 employees and its patients.

Around 6 percent of the Swedish population is said to be hypersensitive to strong scents emanating from perfumes, hair products and deodorants. It is for the benefit of this group that the ban is being considered.

The question arises as to how authorities will be able to control that the ban is being observed.

“We are not going to have scent police at the doors of hospitals but through a broad information campaign we hope that staff and patients will respect this,” said Eva Millqvist at Sahlgrenska Hospital to TV4 Skaraborg.

The issue will first be referred for consideration and then politicians will reach a decision before the summer.