Storm warnings issued in southern Sweden

Large snow falls and hard winds are set to disrupt traffic in the southern parts of Sweden today on Good Friday.

Sweden’s meteorological agency SMHI has issued a class two storm warning for the provinces of Kalmar, Blekinge, Kronoberg, Skåne, Halland, Bohuslän and Västra Götaland.

Snow falls of up to 20 centimeters are forecast for the region. In combination with storm-force winds the risk of snow drifts is high with traffic problems as a result.

The Swedish Road Administration (Vägverket) has told road users to follow weather reports closely and take heed of warnings before setting out on their journeys.

Road conditions were reported to be calm on Good Friday morning as light snow falls were reported in Gothenburg. A couple of minor traffic accidents as well as a few cases of power cuts were the only incidents of note.

Heavy snowfalls were reported in the Stockholm region on Good Friday morning.

Snow falls are expected to continue on Easter Saturday, mainly affecting the coastal areas of Småland, Öland and Gotland.