Police seize pornographic advertising

Police have seized pornographic pictures distributed by a car-care company at the Elmia motor show in Jönköping, in central Sweden.

The company used the pictures which depict two naked women washing a car, to advertise its products and services.

One of the women depicted in the pictures has reported the company to the police as she was unaware that they would be distributed at the motor show. Police have acted on the woman’s report.

“If we determine that the pictures are pornographic it is also then illegal to distribute them in this manner,” said duty police officer Stefan Sundling to Sveriges Radio Jönköping.

Police visited the car-care company’s exhibition stand and seized all of its posters and flyers.

The photographs were taken three to four years ago. The woman argues that the purpose of the the shoot was not to distribute flyers at a motor show attracting tens of thousands of visitors.