Hunt continues for Gothenburg killer

The 30-year-old man suspected by police of murdering one man and attempting to murder another in Gothenburg on Good Friday remains on the loose.

Police are becoming more certain of the identity of the man who shot the two brothers by Komettorget shortly after 2pm on Good Friday. One of the men later died at Sahlgrenska University hospital.

The man has managed to avoid capture despite a massive police search in the western Swedish city.

“We have not managed to find him at the places we have searched. He is in hiding at the moment,” said police spokesperson Stefan Gustafsson.

A warrant has been served for the arrest of the man for the murder and attempted murder of the brothers, who he met on the tram. He was witnessed both on the tram and at the square where the shootings occurred.

The man managed to escape from the scene with a pistol or a revolver in his hand.

Police report that the party consisted of four men as they left the tram at Komettorget. Several witnesses have come forward but police have issued a request for any further information that could help them track the man.

The brothers are well known to the police.