Man admits killing woman and child

Man admits killing woman and child
The man apprehended by police for the murder of a woman in her thirties and a child born in 2002 has confessed to the killings.

The murders took place on Thursday morning in the central Swedish town of Surahammar in Västmanland county.

According to police spokesperson Rolf Söderberg, the male suspect has confessed that he killed the woman and child.

The man has been arrested on probable cause for suspicion of committing two murders.

According to several media reports, the man is the woman’s 31-year-old live in boyfriend.

Police received a call around 8.30 in the morning that “something horrible” had happened in a house.

“When a patrol came to the address a woman and a child were found dead in the dwelling,” said Västerås police spokesperson Börje Strömberg to the TT news agency.

The murder was committed with a knife and Strömberg rejected reports that shots had been fired in connection with the crime.

The suspected killer is in his thirties and was discovered in the house. He hasn’t been formally taken into custody, but has been captured and taken to the central hospital in Västerås with mild injuries.

Police in the area cordoned off the crime scene and technicians began examining the house. They also spent the morning inspecting passing vehicles.

Police won’t say exactly how the woman and child died or whether the killings occurred in connection with a dispute.

“It’s really distressing, especially since Arboga is only 40 kilometres away. I’ve had the chance to speak with a few neighbors and it feels awful,” said a neighbor.

Less than two weeks ago, two toddlers were murdered and their mother seriously wounded in a knife attack in Arboga. Swedish investigators are on their way to Germany to question a 31-year-old woman suspected in the Arboga killings.