Ten indicted in major sex club scandal

Ten men, ages 25 to 53-years-old, have been indicted for economic crimes in a major sex club scandal in Stockholm.

One of them is a former officer with the Stockholm County police department.

Last summer suspicious surfaced about pimping at two sex clubs in Stockholm. It was later discovered, according to Chief Prosecutor Kim Andrews of the Economic Crimes Bureau (EBM), that those responsible were sending large sums of money to Estonia and the Netherlands, and that the money was then sent back to Sweden.

In October, most of the prime suspects were remanded in custody, and on Thursday indictments were handed over to the Stockholm District Court.

The indictment includes charges for gross tax evasion, gross accounting fraud, and gross non-compliance with tax regulations.

One of the men indicted is a 40-year-old former police officer who left the Stockholm County Police department two years ago.

Another man, aged 44, has been also been indicted for money laundering, in addition to the other suspicions. The 44-year-old and another one of the newly indicted men were both convicted for in a similar plot in 1998, and the prosecutor referred to the 44-year-old as an “accountant” and “bookkeeper.”

Four of the men have been indicted for complicity in gross tax crimes.

They have contributed by offering to withdraw money, supply the company with an account, and send money overseas–clear money laundering,” said Andrews.