Uefa wants to shut down Swedish burger joint

Uefa wants to shut down Swedish burger joint
The European football association, UEFA, is demanding that a Swedish fast food restaurant close down during the under-21 European football tournament.

The association is requesting that an outlet of the competing Swedish Max hamburger chain connected to Borås Arena close its doors for four days in June of 2009, writes the Borås Tidning newspaper.

Fast food giant McDonald’s is one of Uefa’s largest sponsors and competes with Max in Sweden.

“I think Uefa has gone too far in their demands. I’m aware that we can’t demand someone close down. But I hope that we can find a solution,” said Borås municipality’s head of recreation Hans Forsman to the paper.

The city has yet to negotiate with Max about the closure.

A representative from Max was surprised by the request, and vowed that the restaurant would remain open during the tournament.

“We have a policy in the company to always remain open. When there are matches at Borås Arena we are always full of customers. It would surprise me a great deal if the company would agree to close, and at the same time provide advertising for our competitor McDonald’s,” said Patrik Hedlund, manager of Max in Borås, to the paper.

Sture Svensson, chair of the local arranging committee for the U21 European football championships remains confident that a solution can be found.

“As the representative for the football association, I assume that the city of Borås will solve this. It’s not uncommon for Uefa to demand that the organization’s sponsors get exposure when big matches and tournaments are arranged by Uefa,” he told the paper.