Seals block motorway traffic

A number of young seals are reported to have left the sea and wandered onto dry land in Västerbotten in northern Sweden.

One of the animals had to be pushed into a ditch when it blocked traffic on the E4 motorway.

“People think it’s an April Fool’s joke but that’s not something we do,” said police spokesman Kenneth Jonsson.

On Tuesday morning police received the first reports of a seal being spotted in a field around 20 kilometres south of Umeå.

The stray pinniped was quickly attended to and moved to a nearby river.

Soon afterwards a second seal was found in a parking space near Bjuröklubb, followed by a third on the E4 at Ånäset, several kilometres from the sea.

The young seals lost track of their navigation when they were out crawling on the snow, according to police.

“We haven’t done anything about it. We don’t control nature,” said Kenneth Jonsson.