Mentally disabled woman sold for sex

A 30-year-old man from Norrköping in eastern Sweden has been jailed for eighteen months for selling the sexual services of his mentally disabled girlfriend.

The man first began making money off his 18-year-old girlfriend when he came into contact with a person on the internet who said he would be willing to pay 500 kronor to have sex with a woman. Being short of cash at the time, the woman’s boyfriend decided to take the man up on his offer.

In court, the 30-year-old admitted to procuring but argued that his girlfriend had given her consent to the arrangement. This was rejected by the district court, which ordered the man to pay damages to the woman for exploiting her disability.

The man used contact sites on the internet to agree on a price and set up appointments with customers. The meetings took place either at the man’s apartment or in concealed areas outdoors.

The court also fined four of the man’s customers. A 17-year boy was sentenced to community service for complicity to procuring.

The district court said it was probable that many more men had paid for sex with the 18-year-old.