Moving bag reveals stolen Chihuahua

A 24-year-old woman has been reported for theft after slipping a Chihuahua into her handbag outside a shopping centre in Växjö in southern Sweden on Thursday evening.

Seeing the miniature dog tied up outside, the woman put it in her bag and entered the shopping centre. She went into a store and placed her handbag beside the cash desk.

On realizing that the dog had disappeared, the owner raised the alarm.

According to the police, a security guard became suspicious upon detecting movement inside the woman’s handbag.

Kronoberg county’s police commissioner Frederik Svärd immediately made it clear that the theft of dogs, small or otherwise, would not be tolerated on his watch.

“Don’t steal any dogs in Kronoberg county! So far I have a one hundred percent success rate when it comes to stolen dogs,” he said in a statement.