Man offers 200,000 kronor reward for job

Film-maker Shahram Afsar has offered 200,000 kronor ($34,000) for information leading him to a permanent job. Afsar claims that his Iranian name has forced him to take drastic measures.

Gothenburg resident Shahram Afsar came to Sweden from Iran in 1986 and has worked extensively as a freelance news photographer. He is trained as a film director and has worked with SVT and TV4, as well as having run his own firm.

Afsar has now tired of the insecurity of his employment situation and what he sees as the nepotism in his profession.

“Employers choose their friends within their network. It is almost impossible to get into this profession with the wrong name,” Afsar said to

Afsar decided this week that enough was enough and took out an advert on media website Klubb Resumé offering a 200,000 kronor reward for a permanent job or information leading to a permanent job. Afsar also sent his job advert to several of Sweden’s major daily newspapers.

Apart from landing a secure job, Afsar hopes that his unorthodox move will stimulate a debate in the media profession with regard to people with immigrant backgrounds.

“If you have an immigrant name it is hard to gain the confidence of employers. And almost impossible to get a job,” Afsar claimed.

If the advert proves successful and Afsar lands a job, he plans to pay the reward by taking a bank loan.

“It is worth it in a longer perspective. One alternative is that I work for free the first year,” Afsar told