Teacher accused of sending nude pics to seduce student

A teenage student in possession of sexually explicit photos of his Swedish school teacher claims the woman was trying to seduce him, reports the Göteborgs Tidning (GT) newspaper.

The photos, which depict the teacher in sexually provocative positions, have now been circulated to several students at a school in Kungsbacka outside of Gothenburg, landing the teacher at the centre of a school-wide sex scandal.

The woman denies accusations that she sent the photos to the student or that she was trying to seduce him, claiming that the boy could have easily downloaded the pictures himself.

However, she admitted that the student, who is less than half her age, had given her special attention in the past.

“Well, he is quite mature for his age and has showed an interest in my body,” the teacher said to GT.

“He’s made comments about [my body] and stood close to me during class in order to have physical contact.”

The woman also admits to conducting internet chats with the boy, but points out that she does so with many students.

The teacher had posted several nude pictures of herself on various adult websites a few years ago.

“It may have been a little careless, but I didn’t know any better back then,” she said.

The teacher has been placed on leave while school administrators try to get to the bottom of the exactly how the student came into possession of the compromising images.

Meanwhile, the teacher is considering filing a complaint with police against the boy.

“Even I have the right to an adult life,” she said to GT.

“It feels really unpleasant to be exposed like this.”