Sweden moves to ban mobile use by drivers

Sweden moves to ban mobile use by drivers
Sweden’s Road Administration (Vägverket) wants to ban drivers from using handheld mobile phones when behind the wheel.

Those who flout the rules could face fines.

According to the proposal, all types of communication equipment which can impair a driver’s capacity to drive safely, such as the radio, mobile phones, or GPS receivers, would be banned.

However, talking on a hands-free mobile device would still be allowed, assuming the conversation doesn’t pose a hazard to traffic safety.

According to Vägverket, the proposal is a way of harmonizing Swedish rules on mobile phone use in cars with laws in other countries.

Many EU countries have already banned the use of handheld mobile phones while driving, including the other Nordic countries.

In the United Kingdom, drivers talking on mobile phones or sending text messages can face jail time.

Sweden is one of the few countries which has not yet implemented a ban.

The proposal, now in the hands of the government, requires parliamentary approval before coming into force.