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Clubs and concerts in Stockholm

Seven weekend club and concert tips from Kalendarium (Click links for more information)


The crunk-electro-house quartet Steed Lord leave Iceland to tour with Festen! The madmen dive deep into Berns basement 2:35:1 tonight and they plan to stay there all night.

Science Chaos:

It is a perfect mix of theory and practice when the research project Stockholm Berlin switches to hysterical dancing after a long working day. Kvinnosaksklubben and German DJs Discopunk, DJ Deelay, Teamore and Mohanwill be playing all night long.

West Coast Pop:

Days don’t need any baseball training to place Gothenburg on the map. The delightful pop is definitely enough. See them and Stockholm’s own ambient masters The Field on Saturday.


Flamenco, rap and cool rhythms. Kägelbanan moves Madrid’s club scene here for one night and lets La Shica and Telephunken show how it’s done on the continent.

Smilers’ Party:

Kornel, Jexpert and Carli continue their victory procession with Happy Nation. Zoo-themed techno. Maybe you’ll meet some pigs, monkeys or stray sticks in the basement jungle?

Danish House:

You have probably heard the angry beats and the sharp voice that spits out that it’s all about house music straight into the microphone. Well, on Saturday he’s coming to Grodan. Noir is Denmark’s biggest house star.

With an eye for techno:

Our editor had a joy-induced heart attack when he heard The Prophet by Style of Eye for the first time. Swedish electronic music hasn’t sounded this good in a long time. Style of Eye celebrate the release of their debut album at Esque on Friday.