Bear cubs make their debut at Skansen zoo

Lova, Lill-Babs and Lillemor are set to become the star attractions at Skansen’s animal park this summer.

Bear cubs make their debut at Skansen zoo

On Thursday, the three curious bear cubs ventured out of their pen and into the public viewing area of the open air Stockholm zoo for the first time.

But after one of the little ones timidly dipped its paw in a pool of water, the trio then ran back inside to their waiting mother, Maja.

“We haven’t had any bear cubs since 2005. Visitors think it’s so fun to see bear cubs, they are sort of a sign of spring,” said Skansen’s Linda Askelund to the TT news agency.

The names of the three cubs were chosen by their caretakers at Skansen–but the zookeepers have yet to decide who is who.