Arboga suspect awaits extradition

Arboga suspect awaits extradition
A German court has ruled that there are no legal hindrances to the extradition to Sweden of a 31-year-old German woman suspected of the murders of two children.

The suspect has appealed the decision. The woman is suspected by police in Sweden of the murder of two children, 1 and 3, and the attempted murder of their 23-year-old mother in Arboga in central Sweden.

Unless the court reverses its decision, the woman is expected to be extradited to Sweden some time in May.

Police remain in constant contact with the children’s mother, who was seriously injured in the March 17th attack.

“We meet her every day but we don’t want to reveal what she has been saying,” said police spokesman Börje Strömberg.

Police have not yet been able to confirm whether a hammer confiscated at Skavsta Airport on the day after the murders was the weapon used in the brutal attack.