Activists invade airport runway

A group of activists penetrated the perimeter at Stockholm’s Bromma airport, holding up flights on Tuesday afternoon.

Air traffic was stopped between 4.20pm and 4.35pm when a number of individuals entered airport grounds.

“They came in through or over the fence and ran out on the runway,” said Helena Miller, spokesperson for the Swedish Airports and Air Navigation Service (LFV) to the TT news agency.

According to Miller, one plane aborted take off and was instead forced wait on the ground. Another plane coming in to land at the airport was required to wait in the air while authorities dealt with the situation.

“It wasn’t a huge disruption in air traffic, but we take what happened very seriously,” said Miller.

Three people were arrested by police on the runway. They are suspected of the unusual crime of gross airport sabotage.

“We have also detained six people on Ulvsundavägen where they had cut a hole in an airport fence,” said Björn Engström of the Stockholm police.

Bromma airport has been targeted for protest actions by environmental activists several times in recent years.