‘I check their underpants to ensure there is only one penis’

Authorities in northern Sweden have discovered that some drug abusers have been using false penises to help them submit fake urine samples.

Private physician Leo Hassler said that he had changed his procedures for patients coming to give urine samples. If they needed a clean sample to retain their driving licence, for example, the doctor said he made sure to double check the authenticity of the patient’s organ.

“Ever since I became aware of this false penis cheating method I check their underpants to ensure there is only one penis,” Hassler told the Norrländska Socialdemokraten newspaper.

Police recently confiscated a false penis, a tube and a container during a raid on a drug addict’s home in the Haparanda region, Dagens Medicin reports.

The man had used the equipment to submit an uncontaminated sample from another person when social services asked him to do a drug test.