Cop in trouble for smooching prosecutor on ski trip

Cop in trouble for smooching prosecutor on ski trip
A five-second kiss planted on the mouth a female prosecutor by a male police officer has resulted in the man being indicted on charges of sexual molestation.

The incident occurred during a January trip to the Vemdalen ski resort in northwestern Sweden arranged for employees from Sweden’s National Bureau for Economic Crimes (Ekobrottsmyndigheten) office in Stockholm.

A witness reported during questioning that the man grabbed the woman by the cheeks during a party on evening and kissed her “sloppily for at least five seconds,” according to the newspaper Metro.

One of the woman’s co-workers filed the complaint after the man failed to apologize to the woman the following day.

According to the complaint, the man has been criticized in the past for doling out sudden smooches a bit too generously to female co-workers

During questioning, the man admitted that his “displays of affection are a bit excessive at times.”