Arboga murders suspect identified by mother

The 31-year-old German woman suspected in the Arboga child murders case has been identified by the 23-year-old mother of the murdered children.

According to an Aftonbladet source the 23-year-old mother is reported to have said “she did it,” when identifying the German woman under police questioning.

Västmanland police were however unwilling to confirm the reports.

“I can say only that she is feeling better and better. But I am not going to go into what she has said and not said,” explained Lars Rogenfeldt, the head of the investigation.

The 23-year-old woman is still recovering from her injuries in hospital. According to police spokesperson Börje Strömberg on Friday, conversations with the woman are progressing.

“We are talking about this and that and are trying to get closer to the information that we are looking for. But I do not want to say what she has already said,” Strömberg told news agency TT.

The 31-year-old German woman was re-remanded into custody on Friday on suspicion of murder and attempted murder. The chief prosecutor Anders Jakobsson said on Friday that the evidence against the woman has strengthened but was unwilling to be more specific.

The woman’s Swedish lawyer, Per-Ingvar Ekblad, who had demanded that the new remand hearing should be held, argues that the evidence no longer holds. Ekblad has therefore appealed the remand decision to the Svea Court of Appeal.

Meanwhile the 31-year-old suspect remains in Germany awaiting extradition.

The Local reported on April 14th that a German court has ruled that there are no legal hindrances to her extradition. Unless the court reverses its decision the woman is expected to be extradited to Sweden some time in May.