Prince escapes unhurt from racing accident

Prince Carl-Philip lost control of his Porsche during testing at Knutstorp racetrack in southern Sweden on Saturday morning. The prince escaped unhurt from the accident.

Prince escapes unhurt from racing accident

The prince lost control of his Porsche, formerly driven by speedway king Tony Rickardsson, as he sped into a straight stretch of the Knutstorp track. The prince had been test-driving his race car in preparation for qualifying for the Porsche Carrera Cup.

“The car went into a spin and slid off the track and into the barrier. I don’t know exactly how fast he was driving, but they were driving at high speed and they test at full throttle before the qualifiers,” said Fritz Schibli of news agency TT.

Emergency services were quickly on the scene and after a short period the prince climbed out of his car, seemingly unhurt.

“He is totally fine. He is mostly irritated and disappointed at himself,” said Thomas Johansson, responsible for the Carrera Cup. Johansson added that the accident was caused by the prince driving with excessive speed as he came into the straight.

The prince’s accident happened shortly before 10.30am on Saturday morning. The car, which suffered no obvious damage, will be inspected and the Prince is expected take part in qualifying which is scheduled to begin soon after midday.

The prince was engaged in discussions with officials shortly after the accident and has decided to make his racing debut, TT reports.

“He will try to secure as good a position as possible,” said Johansson.

The Carrera Cup is ranked as Sweden’s toughest event after the Swedish Touring Car Championship (STCC).