Poll: Reinfeldt more capable than Sahlin

Fredrik Reinfeldt is more capable than Mona Sahlin of leading a government, a new voter poll shows. Sahlin is nicer, though.

Poll: Reinfeldt more capable than Sahlin

53.4 percent of voters back Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt as the most capable person to lead a government, according to a March Skop poll. 47.6 percent of voters favour Sahlin’s competence. The corresponding figures for January were 55.7 percent for Reinfeldt and 44.3 percent for Sahlin. In March last year 64.2 percent backed Reinfeldt and only 35.8 percent backed Sahlin.

95 percent of the voters who support one of the governing Alliance parties back the competence of Reinfeldt while 85 percent of left-wing voters consider Sahlin more competent.

While Reinfeldt retains a lead in the competence stakes, most voters across the political spectrum would rather have Sahlin as their dinner partner.

58.9 percent consider Sahlin a nicer and more amicable dinner companion while 41.2 percent would rather have the company of Reinfeldt. Sahlin has gained in the popularity stakes from the January poll when she was considered nicer by 54.9 percent of voters in comparison with Reinfeldt’s 45.1 percent.

Sahlin is more popular among right-wing voters than Reinfeldt is among left-wingers. A third of right-wing voters consider her nicer while barely a fifth of left-wingers liked Reinfeldt the best.

Skop interviewed 1,000 Swedish voters aged between 18 and 84-years-old between March 1st and 31st, 2008.