Eklund tried to wipe out DNA evidence

Anders Eklund, the 42-year-old man who has admitted to killing 10-year-old Engla Juncosa Höglund, tried to cover his tracks by setting fire to his victim's body, news agency TT has learned.

Sweden’s National Criminal Investigation Department (Rikskriminalen) said it had begun investigating around ten murders of a similar nature.

Paul Johansson, head of Rikskriminalen’s ‘perpetrator group’ said he did not wish comment on any details in the Engla case. He did however say that the use of fire has become more common in connection with various types of crime.

“The intention is to wipe out the DNA,” he told TT.

Johansson said the group would look at unsolved murders and sex offences committed over the last ten to fifteen years.

“I estimate that we will need a month or two before we can produce a final result,” he said.

The group said it would primarily examine the modus operandi used by Eklund for the recent murder and for previous crimes. They would also look at his choice of victim, crime scene and his behaviour after committing the crimes.