Two-year-old boy run over by train

A 2-year-old boy has died after being run over by a train in Teckomatorp in southern Sweden on Wednesday afternoon.

“As far as we are aware, the boy ran out on to the track. It is a very, very tragic accident and our thoughts of course go out to the family,” said Martin Wex, a spokesman for the train driver’s employer Arriva.

The boy’s family lives near the railway track, which is protected by a fence, Sydsvenskan reports. But there is also a railway crossing near the site of the accident where it is possible to gain access to the tracks.

The train was travelling from Malmö to Helsingborg when the accident took place.

“The train travels at a speed of 80 kilometres per hour but we don’t know if it had begun braking as it approached the station,” said Pernilla Klüft, a spokeswoman for the Swedish Rail Administration (Banverket).