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Stockholm clubs and concert tips: April 24 – 26

Weekend club and concert tips from Kalendarium (Click links for more information)

Deca Disco:

24:hours and T invite Hercules and Love Affair from the hip New York label DFA for a unique DJ set. The band’s sweaty combination of Chicago house, glitzy electronic disco and “fists in the air” makes its debut in Sweden at one of Stockholm’s best dance floors.

Safety Twee:

Indie pop non stop! Legendary pop band Ladybug Transistor and the critically acclaimed debutant My Brightest Diamond, both from Brooklyn, play live at Lava while Fritz’s Corner becomes a club night open to all.

Luxury Lobby:

Four clubs show the different sides of electronic music and take turns hosting Saturdays at Nordic Light Hotel’s delightful bar. Socially Hazardous is arranging the opening night with electronica, house and techno straight from the underworld. Galleri Kleerup maximizes the club experience with visuals and art.

Sugar Show:

Hootchy Kootchy celebrates its two year anniversary with a show in the best Carmen Miranda-style. Total sugar shock with stylish, sugary sweets from Gateau Chocolat, the lemon queen and gender bender Leroi the Girl Boi, seductive Sugar Kane and the club’s own Swiss meringue, The Hootchy Kootchy Hussies. Take your hottest banana hat with you and come party with the tropical beauties at Södra Teatern. If you want to skip the show, entrance costs 100 kronor.

Greek Rave:

It’s time to surrender to a whole night full of dance, sweat and snacks at club NaxXxOs. The guests are Patrick Crotty, Chrystelle, and The Captain who is one of New York’s best party planners. FInd out for yourself how good it can be when he

stands by the DJ booth and if you are one of the first guests you will get a bottle of Brahma.

Saturday hip hop:

B-Line play at Hotel Rival on Mariatorget. Red wine, cold beer, and drinks in the company of good friends to the accompaniment of the best hip hop mix from Sam and Moon Suck.

Valborg Love:

It’s Valborg and Grodan is arranging a crash party. The lower floor will be jam-packed with a young all star feeling as the crazily talented Risky Bizniz and the wonder kids from Boeoes Kaelstigen join Pacemaker, Serato, DJ-Controller and cd in the DJ booth. It will be rock hard, crazy, well-mixed and an altogether fantastic dance experience.

Send In The Clowns and Windup Sthlm will be on the top floor. Yes, you heard right. Stockholm’s best “indie club” and its best friend provide the music. It will be full of euphoria, hands in the air and many hugs in the city’s freshest bar.

The best of two worlds, on two floors. DJ equipment from the future and dance all night. Your Valborg is saved!


Lenny Kravitz lets it rip on stage in Sweden

US artist Lenny Kravitz made headlines when he rocked his pants off at a rip-roaring gig in Stockholm last night – literally.

Kravitz performed to an audience of thousands of cheering fans at Stockholm's biggest theme park – Gröna Lund – on Monday night.

And the rock legend, who is not known for pulling any punches on stage, went all in to offer his Swedish audience the whole package. Yes, the whole package.

For as Kravitz crouched down in a laws-of-physics-defying way right at the start of the energetic performance, he managed to split his leather outfit at crotch level – leaving the artist with a gaping hole in his trousers.

And if there was one thing we did not know about the 51-year-old artist before that we know now – it is that he does not wear underwear. Let's just say the audience went nuts.

The Local is unable to publish picture proof of the revealing incident, but curious readers may click on the tweet below. Warning: contains nudity. Do not click if you are at work.

After leaving the stage for several minutes, the rocker reappeared in a new pair of trousers. And that's how you crack into the history books, folks.

“The producer stepped up and said that they had 'some problems on stage'. A bit later Kravitz came out wearing other trousers. He said 'sorry, I ripped my trousers',” a member of the audience, named only as Sara, told the Expressen tabloid after the show.

“It was insane, I killed myself laughing. And then I called my mum who was there at the show as well. Her reaction was the same and she almost killed herself laughing too,” she added.

Behind hits such as 'It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over', 'American Woman' and aptly titled 'Fly Away', Kravitz has sold almost 40 million albums worldwide and holds the record of most Grammy Awards in the category Best Male Rock Vocal Performance.

He commented on the incident in Stockholm late on Tuesday by tweeting a screen shot of a text message from fellow rock star Steven Tyler, of Aerosmith fame:

It is not the first time a world artist has a mishap on stage in Sweden this summer. But while Kravitz suffered only an awkward wardrobe malfunction, rocker Dave Grohl broke his leg in concert in Gothenburg in June.

The 46-year-old Foo Fighters frontman made headlines around Europe when he spectacularly returned after being briefly rushed to hospital to complete the show in a cast.