Opposition extends poll lead

The opposition parties have increased their opinion poll lead over the governing Alliance parties.

The distance between the two blocks is now 16 percent, up from 13.2 percent one month ago, according to Synovate’s April survey of voter support.

The Social Democrats, Left Party, and Green Party garnered support form 56.3 percent of respondents, while the four Alliance parties received 40.3 percent, according to poll results published in the Dagens Nyheter newspaper.

The changes for each individual party were small enough to fall within the study’s margin of error.

The Christian Democrats can rejoice at a continued upward trend after bottoming out at 3.0 percent in February. Support for the party now stands at 4.7 percent.

Support for the Moderate Party was up in the March poll, but the party’s results have now fallen back to 22.0 percent, the same level it had six months ago.

An overall tally of the result is as follows, with the change from March figures in parentheses: Moderates: 22.0 percent (-2.5 percent); Liberal Party: 7.8 (+1.0); Center Party: 5.8 (-0.5); Christian Democrats: 4.7 (+0.7); Social Democrats: 44.8 (+2.3); Left Party: 6.0 (-0.1); Green Party: 5.6 (-0.6); Sweden Democrats: 2.9 (+0.9).

The study is based on interviews with 1,959 people, conducted from April 10th to 23rd.