Ruling: school wrong to deny right-wing extremists

No one has the right to obstruct right-wing extremists from passing out literature at schools, Sweden’s Chancellor of Justice has ruled.

The Karlberg School in Köping in central Sweden was in the wrong when it denied the National Democrats from handing out political information to students, the Chancellor wrote in an opinion criticizing the school’s actions.

The middle school was criticized for denying the anti-immigrant party from arranging a table displaying literature and handing out flyers to students at the school.

“You can’t shut out a political party for having an opinion which isn’t in agreement with the school’s basic values,” Chancellor Göran Lambertz said to news agency TT.

The National Democrats, a breakaway faction of the Sweden Democrats whose primary goal is to establish an ethnic and cultural homogeneous Sweden—asked last year to come to the school and distribute information about the party.

Principal Ragnar Larsson put a stop to the plans.

“There was a political resolution in the municipality that parties which are hostile toward immigrants or non-democratic should not be allowed into schools. When I looked at the National Democrats website I interpreted their party platform as hostile to immigrants,” said the principal.