Weapon found at murder suspect’s Paris home

Weapon found at murder suspect's Paris home
French police suspect that a gun found at the Paris home of the man held for the murder of a Swedish woman in Paris, could be the murder weapon.

The weapon was found in connection with a search of the 50-year-old man’s apartment on Saturday. The weapon will now be sent for forensic analysis.

The 50-year-old man was arrested on Friday evening in connection with the murder of a 19-year-old Swedish woman, named as Susanna Zetterberg, in the early hours of last Saturday morning. Susanna left the Scala night-club in central Paris and hailed a taxi. She sent a text message from the taxi to a friend saying that she found the taxi-driver unpleasant.

Her body, handcuffed and partly burned, was found later on Saturday in a forest in Chantilly, north-east of Paris.

Susanna had been both stabbed in the neck and shot four times. Police believe that the murderer had burned the body to destroy evidence. It is as yet unclear if Susanna was subjected to a sexual attack.

A 50-year-old man was arrested on Friday evening. He has previously been convicted of several sex offences and for operating as an illegal taxi driver. He has served several long prison sentences.

The man has refused to say anything under police questioning.

Police have fine-combed the man’s car in search of evidence linking the man to the crime and have studied films of the ATM cash-machine that was used to try to withdraw cash with Susanna’s credit card.

The police have until Sunday afternoon make formal charges against the man and to take a decision on whether to keep the him in custody.