What’s on in Sweden: May 2 – 8

What's on this week in Sweden: Student carnival in Stockholm, Tom McRae in Gothenburg, top flight football in Malmö.



Quarnevalen is the biggest student event in northern Europe. Every three years thousands of students from Sweden’s colleges and universities come to Stockholm for the carnival which begins on May 10th at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and

passes through central Stockholm. During the week before while the floats are built, KTH hosts live bands and a great party open to the general public.

Location: Lindstedysvägen 28-32.

Time: Friday, May 2nd

…and continuing to May 10th

More information: www.quarnevalel.se

Simone Moreno

Simone Moreno from Brazil is back at Fasching this weekend so be prepared for a night of samba and Afro-Brazilian Axe music.

Price: 150 kronor

Location: Jazzclub Fasching, Kungsgatan 63

Time: Friday, May 2nd, 9pm

Phone: 08- 534 829 64

Tickets: www.fasching.se


Street Market is a place for up and coming designers, artists, and entrepreneurs to display and sell their work. You can find anything from fashion to locally produced organic products at nearby Bistro Street.

Location: Street Market, Hornstulls Strand 4.

Time: Sunday, May 3rd, 11am-5pm

Phone: 08- 669 38 90

Guided Bicycle Tours of Djurgården Island

Three hour tours in English and in Swedish by an authorized guide.

Location: Blå Porten by the Djurgårdsbron bridge.

Times: Friday, May 2nd, 6 pm

…and continuing through July.

Phone: 08- 649 01 86


Shakespeare – The Absolute Truth

Shakespeare’s plays were written centuries ago yet are still performed around the world. Who was the man who wrote these plays that still fascinate us? Was he just a simple man from Stratford-upon-Avon? There are so many questions, with many

different answers. Finally we get the truth.

Location: Pustervik

Time: Thursday, May 1st

…and continuing to May 4th.

More information: www.pustervik.goteborg.se

Tom McRae and The Hotel Cafe Tour 2008

Tom McRae is a British artist who has been successful around the world with his beautiful song writing. Hotel Cafe from the is one of the biggest and most influential singer-songwriter combinations around today. They will perform together in Sweden as part of their spring tour.

Location: Stenhammarsalen

Times: Wednesday, May 7th

Mitt i hela Livet

A play about four people whose lives change in the span of only four hours. It teaches us about old friends, new rules, fertility and the meaning of life itself (in Swedish).

Location: FolkTeatern

Time: Friday, May 2nd


Debaser 1 Year

One year ago, the doors to Debaser opened up and held fantastic concerts with bands from Eldkvarn to Bonde Do Role.

Celebrate the venue’s one year anniversary with Hoffmaestro and Chraa, David Birde, and Lupus Nensen.

Price: 80 kronor

Age: 20

Location: Debaser, Norra Parkgatan 2.

Times: Saturday, May 3rd, 7pm

Sunday, April 6th, 10am-4pm

Phone: 040- 51 07 43

More information: www.debaser.nu

After All – Kaiken Jälkeen

A special dance performance from Finland.

Location: Palladium

Time: Friday, May 2nd and Saturday, May 3rd, 7.30pm

Phone: 040- 10 01 50

Malmö FF

The spring season begins in Allsvenskan 2008 at Malmö Stadion as the city’s top football club takes on GAIS from Gothenburg.

Location: Malmö Stadion

Times: Thursday, May 8th, 7pm

Phone: 040- 32 66 00