Drunk men may have caused fatal bus crash

Two men arrested in connection with Wednesday’s fatal bus crash may have been having a drunken dispute.

This may have contributed to them pushing a 23-year-old woman to her death under a bus in Lund’s city centre.

Several witnesses report that the men fled the scene afterwards.

The men are 26 and 28 years old and turned themselves in to the police at 6.45 pm on Wednesday evening.

Both are from the Stockholm area but were in Lund to celebrate Walpurgis Night. Instead they spent the night in police cells.

They were detained in custody under suspicion of causing another person’s death.

According to the police, there were several witness reports claiming the woman was intentionally pushed into the path of the school bus.

The woman had been walking on the sidewalk when she was apparently pushed by a group of oncoming pedestrians onto the road where she was run over.

However, conflicting witness reports mean that the exact sequence of events still remains unclear.