Man skins deer’s head in front of pre-school

Shocked pre-schoolers witnessed a man skin a deer’s head outside their pre-school in Sundsvall in northern Sweden on Wednesday afternoon.

According to Sundvall’s local newspaper, the nursery staff noticed the man’s bizarre behaviour at around 3pm.

Apparently he laid down the deer’s head on a tree stump and started to flay it in full view of the staff and young children. When school staff asked him to leave, the man became very unpleasant and the police were called.

However, police did not make it in time and the man had already taken off, leaving open-mouthed pre-schoolers and their teachers in his wake.

Janei Koivuranta of the Sundsvall Police told the Sundsvalls Tidning newspaper that the police need to investigate whether the man’s actions should be classified as disorderly behaviour or even as a crime against hunting regulations. At present the man is still at large.