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Stockholm art gallery guide: May 9 – 15

Weekend art exhibition tips from Kalendarium (Click links for more information)

Last Riot:

To the tones of Wagner in combination with Japanese rhythms the falling world in Last Riot is populated by androgynous well-trained teenagers. Without one drop of blood or sign of pain, they take each other’s lives with a sword, baseball bats or golf clubs. All around the beautiful, surreal bodies, the world goes under, windmills burn, and missiles rain from the sky. Last Riot is a commentary about the contemporary age, ethics, ideology and history which are just as much about hope as hopelessness.


Åsa Cederqvist’s work is on display now at three places in town. She is taking part in exhibitions at both Bonniers Konsthall and the Modern Museum. But if you want to learn to know Cederqvist’s art, you should definitely visit ak28. In the project, Throw

Up, she has decided not to censure anything which results in a cocktail full of desire, abundance, and fear.

Toward the light:

Pontus Lindvall’s artwork often has it’s starting point at the meeting between human and object. So he even worked with lamps in the exhibition Transitional light fittings- Towards a brighter future.There is nothing industrial about Lindvall’s light fixtures.

Instead they have a clear feeling of handicraft because of their winding structure. With their known form and nice colours the lamps have more meanings than we can believe at first.

Networking Lights:

By focusing on our time period’s constant networking and linking, Bonniers art gallery has built an entire exhibition. Not just the selection has been done in an un-hierarchical and untraditional way. The display has been as well. Each work is connected to the other as if they were on a walking path. Johan Strandahl, Anna Lundh, Patrick Kretscheck, and Bravehat all have contributed to the exhibition.