Record opium haul in Gothenburg hotel room

A record amount of opium has been seized in a hotel room in Gothenburg. At 20 kilos, it is the biggest opium seizure ever in the region.

The man occupying the room has been arrested. He is a Dutch national of Iranian descent said by police to be around 40 years of age.

Earlier in the week the man had been caught with four methadone tablets in his pockets. When police searched his room on Friday morning they found a suitcase packed with 20 kilos of pure opium.

According to Västra Götaland police spokesman Erik Blomstrand, they do not know at this point whether the Dutch national has prior convictions.

“The opium can be used to make other drugs but in this case it is for smoking, usually by people from Afghanistan and Iran,” Blomstrand told The Local.