Enjoy the sun – while it lasts

Temperatures have been soaring in Sweden. The last few days have been at least ten degrees warmer than they normally are for this time of the year.

Enjoy the sun – while it lasts

Meteorologist Linda Frost told TT that May’s temperatures are normally 15-16 degrees, but the weekend´s temperatures were over 25 degrees. The city of Stockholm is full of sunbathers and boat-owners are out in full force.

But apparently the heat wave is going to be a short one. As of Monday, northwesterly winds will bring down temperatures and from Tuesday, Swedish skylines will be more grey than blue.

So sun-lovers are advised to get out there and make the most of it. But don’t forget to slip on a hat and slap on some sunscreen. The ozone layer is also thinner than it normally is in May, so the risk of sunburn is higher than ever.