Anders Eklund suspected of rape

Anders Eklund, the 42-year-old man who has confessed to the murder of 10-year-old Engla Juncosa Höglund, is also believed by police to have raped the girl.

Anders Eklund suspected of rape

Police in Dalarna in central Sweden also suspect Eklund of the rape and murder of 31-year-old Pernilla Hellgren eight years ago.

“Eklund is suspected of two counts of murder, aggravated child rape, aggravated rape, child pornography offences and attempted rape,” said the police in a statement.

It is not known where the suspect stands in relation to the accusations against him.

Police said that Eklund would not be interrogated again until the results of a psychiatric evaluation became available in around a month’s time.

Prosecutors are not expected to present formal charges against Eklund until July.