Man spies on girlfriend using mobile phone

Using a hidden mobile phone placed under the bed of his ex-girlfriend, a Swedish man had his suspicions confirmed.

Man spies on girlfriend using mobile phone

She had met someone else.

On Wednesday, the man was given a suspended sentence and fined for unlawful bugging.

The mobile phone was hidden in the woman’s bedroom between the wall and the bed’s headboard.

With the help of a “spy mode” installation, the 39-year-old man was able to call the hidden mobile from his home phone and have it pick up the call automatically, allowing him to hear what was being said in the room.

The spying went on a few days a week over the course of a year.

The telephone remained charged through a connection the man had fashioned between the bedside lamp and the phone’s charger.

The motive behind the man’s sophisticated spy system was his need to know whether or not his ex-girlfriend has met a new man.

His mobile phone bugging device eventually confirmed the new relationship.

The district court in Hässelholm in southern Sweden ruled that the spying constituted such a serious degree of insult to the woman’s integrity that fines were an insufficient penalty.